Mar. 8 - Mar. 11, 2017

Hotel Yak & Yeti

Kathmandu, Nepal


The first International and 5th Annual Conference of Nepalese Society of Neurosurgeons (NESON) will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal on March 8 to 11, 2017. The theme of the conference is, “Reshaping neurosurgery in South Asia: Controversy, collaboration and consensus.”

This important meeting will showcase the local, regional and international leaders in neurosurgery. Broad range of topics including innovative concepts, new approaches, and personal experiences related to the whole spectrum of neurosurgery will be reviewed in addition to operative nuances and video demonstrations. Along with the plenary sessions, there will be two workshops (skull base by WFNS and cadaveric dissection by ACNS). The primary objective of the conference is to enable the delegates to enhance the care they deliver to their patients by facilitating the exchange of scientific information at the highest possible level. The INCONESON 2017 meeting will provide an ideal opportunity to reconnect and share knowledge with friends in this regard.

The conference will be held in Yak and Yeti Hotel which is provide and ideal venue for the meeting in the heart of Kathmandu with many hotels, restaurants and shopping centers in walking distance. The official language of the meeting is English.

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Date and Time

Wed, Mar. 8


Sat, Mar. 11, 2017


Hotel Yak & Yeti

Kathmandu, Nepal