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Special Awards

Rosenblum Distinguished Service Award

Awarded to individuals in honor of cumulative achievement during one's career in neuro-oncology and service to the Section on Tumors.

  • Joseph Piepmeier (2016)
  • Raymond Sawaya (2015)
  • Edward Laws (2004)
  • Mark Rosenblum (1992)
  • Steven Mahaley (1991)
  • Peter Preuss (1990)

Dr. Charles B. Wilson Award

Established by the Brain Tumor Society in 2004, this award recognizes outstanding contributions of a clinician to the field of neuro-oncology.

  • Mitch Berger (2016)
  • Ed Olfield (2015)
  • James Rutka (2013)
  • Ray Sawaya (2009)
  • Peter Black (2007)
  • Mark Rosenblum (2004)

Andy T. Parsa Mentorship Award

Established by Isabelle M. Germano, MD, FAANS in 2016 to honor Andrew Thomas Parsa, MD, PhD, FAANS who passed away in 2015 shorly before he was to become chair of the Tumor Section.

  • Henry Brem (2018)
  • Frederick Barker (2016)