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Funding & Research

NRCDP (Neurosurgery Research Career Development Plan)

This is a NINDS-sponsored project dedicated to young neurosurgery attendings (within 1-2 years of practice) who want to start a career in research. It is not specifically created for neuro-oncology but very friendly to brain tumor research. Mechanism is that of a NIH K12 award ($100,000 salary +$50,000 consumables/year for 2 years).

Requirements: Commitment to  50% protected time.  Evidence of support from Chairman in terms of lab space, equipment. Competitive funding (2-3 per year).  Competition is only within neurosurgery.


Five year funding ($100,000 salary and $50,000 consumables/year). NINDS is the only NIH institute that accept 50% protected time (instead of 75% required by all other institutes). Not specific for tumors and not specific for neurosurgeons. Highly competitive (success rate 15-20%). Awarded every 4 months.


2 year support ($ 275,000 total). Non renewable. For novel, exploratory studies.  No need for many preliminary data/publications. Supported by NCI and NINDS among other NIH institutes. Very competitive (success rate 10-15%). No restrictions in terms of time commitment. Awarded every 4 months.


5 year support ($250,000/year). Renewable. This grant requires solid preliminary data,  and prior senior authorship is generally requested. Supported by NCI and NINDS among many other NIH institutes. Most competitive. Awarded every 4 months.

American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA)

Discovery Grant: Awarded annually. Award is $ 50,000 for 1 year). No indirect costs covered (so certain academic centers  will not support it). Little preliminary data needed.

Research Collaboration (ARC) Grant Program: Awarded annually. Award is $200,000 (2 years). It requires a collaborative project among multiple (at least 2) principal investigators. No indirect costs covered.

Brain Tumor Funding Opportunities

Download a pdf of funding resources by clicking here.