Neuroscience (general)

Links to (free) historical articles published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Malcolm Macmillan’s Phineas Gage page; discussions and references re:  Gage and brain surgery, Gage and lobotomy

International Brain Research Organization  -- general history of neuroscience

International Society for the History of Neuroscience – a scholarly society which publishes the Journal of the History of the Neurosciences

Nobel Prizes in neurosciences, with links to brief biographies

History of Phrenology on the Web
 – an extensive site

Neuroscience History Archive – UCLA

ditto – archive of neuroscience history images on the web


Neurosurgery, especially tumor neurosurgery

Neurosurgical Focus issue on brain tumor surgery

Cyber Museum of Neurosurgery.  Includes an exhibit on the Cushing Tumor Registry

CyberMuseum – History of organized neurosurgery.  Links to full text of 3 articles about the history of organized neurosurgery.

CyberMuseum – list of historical articles from Neurosurgery and Journal of Neurosurgery.

CyberMuseum – list of historical articles about Harvey Cushing.

Full text of the Fulton biography of Harvey Cushing (1946)

CyberMuseum – photo journal of life on Cushing’s service

Biography of Louise Eisenhardt, including material on the Cushing Tumor Registry


History of cancer and oncology

American Cancer Society – Lengthy, primarily a lay perspective

History of Radiation Oncology


History of medicine in general
MedHist – gateway to Internet medical history -- Wellcome Institute in London
National Library of Medicine – History of Medicine
National Library of Medicine – Historical Anatomies – multiple classical anatomies (i.e. Vesalius) scanned in at a high level of detail – phrenology books as well.
National Library of Medicine – Online Exhibits – about 50 exhibits from the library
National Library of Medicine – searchable index of 60,000 historical medical images
online index to the Index-Catalog of the Surgeon General’s Library – best index to 19th century medical literature
Osler Library at McGill
Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia – best remaining 19th century American anatomical museum
Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons of England.  Includes searchable index “SurgiCat”
Warren Anatomical Museum, Countway Medical Library, Harvard University
Repository of Phineas Gage’s skull

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